Other churches of Faleria

Other churches of Faleria

The Church of Sant’Agostino

The Church of Sant’Agostino stands across from the one consecrated to San Giuliano, along the east side of the Anguillara Castle.

The church, built during the 14thcentury, presents a single nave structure, and only one central altar, which was once surmounted by the lost painting depicting S. Agostino and S. Monica.

A crypt, the property of the Anguillara family, used to be located behind the altar. This church in fact, once functioned as Palatine Chapel and was connected to the castle by way of a suspension bridge.

Chiesa di Sant'Agostino
Facciata della Chiesa di Sant'Agostino

The Church of the Pietrafitta

Just outside the old town centre stands the small country church of the Madonna di Pietrafitta. It was built in 1599 by the Anguillara family, on the very point where an ancient sarcophagus was discovered, and which is at present placed beneath the high altar.

The peculiarity of this church lies within the original shape of its central layout, which is extremely rare for the period it dates back to. Such a characteristic was clearly inspired by the format of the very first Paleo-Christian and Byzantine churches, yet the building also prefigures some of the later widespread motifs of the Baroque architecture.

From the little which is still visible today of the church’s fresco paintings and decorations, it is possible to perceive the great virtuosity and inventiveness these artists were endowed with. On each side of a well-preserved framed fresco representing the Madonna with Child, it is still possible to distinguish, yet not clearly identify, what remains of the figures of the Church’s Martyrs.

Then in the apse left of the altar, another fresco painting with the just barely visible outlines of a Black Madonna.


The altars of the Church of the Pietrafitta

The church’s nature of sacred site, par excellence and from its very origins, is confirmed by the presence of three different altars, as attested by chronicles of the 17th and 18th centuries.

The high altar was devoted to worshipping the Madonna, whereas the altar of the Holy Crucifix enshrined a precious relic from the Cross of Christ. Such a relic was rediscovered in the town of Faleria at the time of the Crusades, and later relocated in the Collegiate Church. On the 3rd of May, following a procession which heads out of the town, solemn masses were celebrated in the presence of the Holy Crucifix relic.


Chiesa della Pietrafitta di Faleria
Chiesa della Pietrafitta vista laterale

The Church of San Giuliano is the most important place of religious worship to be seen in Faleria. Why not also include this church throughout your visit of this town of the Agro Falisco!



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