The Castle of the Anguillara family

The Castle of the Anguillara family

The Medieval Residence of the lords of Faleria

For several centuries, the Castle of the Anguillara family served as main residence for the lords of the town here in Faleria. The building would continue to function up until the second half of the twentieth century, home to the headquarters of some of the town’s activities.

Unfortunately, there is no clear evidence regarding the date of construction of the medieval residence, yet what is certain, is that the castle already stood here in the year 1200. The emblem of the Anguillara family, a grass snake, appears, engraved in stone, in several points of the castle. During the Middle Ages, this was one of the most influential among the families ruling in the Lazio region.

The structure can be accessed through a gateway located in the Square of the Colleggiata, before the Church of San Giuliano.

Castello degli Anguillara di Faleria
Accesso del Castello degli Anguillara
Stemma degli Anguillara
Torre del Castello degli Anguillara

The castle in the town of Faleria

The façade of the Anguillara Castle presents a great covered loggia, built at the wish of the countess Maddalena Strozzi. Such a façade triggers a series of illusory perceptions in the eye of the beholder, by means of an attentive architectural design, alternating in a rapid succession of ledges and recesses.

Part of the complex was built in Renaissance style, a section which stands out against the other architectural structures for its fine manufacture.

Three further loggias, built in peperino stone, overlook both the church and square from this side of the building. This is where the apartments of the castle’s tenants were situated, along with a number of rooms which functioned as granaries.

 Only recently the front side of the castle, together with some of the interior rooms, have been partially restored. In the so-called room of the “Mola”, it is now possible to admire an ancient mill, once used for wheat-grinding.


The towers of the castle

The former access to the great tower, fortunately still visible today, is where both the residence of the Governor “Pro Tempore” and the chancellor’s headquarters used to stand. The tower, square shaped and once both crenelated and equipped with a wooden staircase, is today no longer open to the public as in time these steps have collapsed.

The last tower, also the only one still standing today, was equipped with the gallows for the hanging of criminals, also serving to remind the inhabitants of what severe treatment was reserved for those who did not abide the law.


The Castle of the Anguillara family, overlooking the town of Faleria, is one of the greatest to be seen throughout your visit of the Agro Falisco!

Where is the Castle of the Anguillara familiy


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