Acqueduct of Nepi

Acqueduct of Nepi

Nepi, the city of water

The great aqueduct of Nepi has played a role of crucial importance in the improvement of its people’s quality of life. During the 17th century, after much expectation, the construction was brought to completion and potable water finally poured into the city.

Already back in the 1500s the town municipality had entrusted some architects with the task of conceiving a system which would bring water to the town’s centre, yet this first project had never been fulfilled.

It was only during the first half of the 1700s and on account of cardinal Imperioli that the construction of the aqueduct was finally accomplished. In 1702, the cardinal had appointed master Andrea Pifferi to re-elaborate some of the previous projects, and entrusted the architect Filippo Barigioni with the material execution.

This latter is the author of the structure we still see at present, with the great archways perfectly preserved to this day. There is one other project which has been attributed to the genius of Filippo Barigioni, that of the so-called Clementino Bridge in Civita Castellana. The aqueduct of Nepi became definitively operational in 1727.

Acquedotto di Nepi e diga
Acquedotto di Nepi

The aqueduct and the fountain

The overall structure of the aqueduct stretches for 285 metres and counts 36 archways arranged on two separate levels. The completion of this great public construction has been of vital importance for the town of Nepi.

The event was celebrated by the people with the building of a fountain, which still today stands within the central archway of the Town Hall Building. For over 300 years the great archways of the aqueduct have been a distinctive feature of Nepi’s panorama, distinguishing this town from the others of the Agro Falisco.


Come and visit the town of Nepi and admire its great Aqueduct!

Where is the Acqueduct of Nepi


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